Thursday, February 01, 2007

BlueBones......babe is called...BlueBones....

T'was a Gandalf-Shadowfax moment when Maximuzz unveiled to me a familiar face when I got home this evening.....

"Hey there, I feel like I know you....very well?"

Maximuzz discloses that she's 100% Firefly, with a complete makeover! Not only did she get a face lift (stickers replaced with freshpaint), she had undergone structural surgery to make her stronger. After he bumped into her in the bike shop, he knew that she was still the bike for me, and decided to take her home!

Nothing is more exciting than to be reunited with your steed once again....

Like a phoenix rising from the flames and ashes, Firefly is reborn! From the fiery red that engulfed her, she has risen to the sky, drifting in cool shades of blue, anchored by a solid white cloud of SIDney! What a delightful early Valentine's present!

Now, what shall we call her? Well, she's gotta have one as she's no Have you ever seen a blue firefly? Even Gandalf the Grey eventually became Gandalf the White...

"I think I'll call her...Sky?"

Maximuzz looks at the Ikea doggy bag standing beside her and suggests in jest, "Why not, Missy Blue Bones?"

I decided to go for a little spin to think it over. Decisions, decisions!

Met up with Nur to hand up my Club Rainbow pledge card. I asked Chickadees Jeannie and Simon for their opinion. They gave their unanimous stamp of approval : "BlueBones"!

I started reflecting - do I really need 2 mountain bikes (well, 3...Sweetlips is on loan to Camelia)? How will I split my time and attention between Chili and BlueBones? I can't bear to lose BlueBones again...nor can I give Chili up!

I guess I'll continue riding BlueBones til it's really retirement time. Or they'll just have to learn how to share organs!

I am now officially the proud owner of 3 steeds! :)

Hearts on Wheels 2007

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, isn't it obvious? To raise funds for charity!

When asked whom we wanted to group with for this ride, almost instantaneously we found our flock of feathered friends : Jeannie-the Mother Hen, George-the Navigator, Mart-the Laughing Chickadee and Ling-the Photo Cluck, and not forgetting our honorary Mata-Cock, Simon.....whatever Simon says, we will abide by! hee hee! We had Nizan, fellow mountain-biker on slicks for a while, but he flew too fast and furious ahead....

For an account of the adventures of the CoolClucksClan over 1 day of practice ride from Singapore to Pontian, and 3 days of talk"cock", singsong, click on the links below.

Photos by Merciless, Captions for day 1 and 2 by Mart, and captions for Practice Ride and Day 3 by Merciless.....