Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DirTraction Trail Day

Nothing feels better than to get your hands (or gloves) dirty in order to maintain the trails that we all lurrrrvvvee to ride on! It's kinda like being part of the green mafia...if you take care of 'em trails, they will take care of ya!

After all the clearing of potentially dangerous items, I took a little ride around the "Shore"....almost cleared 'em all, except for the Ethiopian skinny portion! Afraid I ain't too good with my exit strategy; from my face plant experience, have learnt not to take big stoopid risks til I've mastered the art of hopping off da horsey in one piece without landin' on me face! Ouch!

Anywayz, for a lovely account by Huimin about that lovely day at KR, click

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Outta bounds in Outward Bound School

Met some very fierce and "powderful" ladies soccer kakis from my early days of playing for the Thomson CC soccer team! Some represented Singapore and could take on many of the soccer guys that we used to play with!

Ling Er (top row, third from left), an instructor at OBS, invited some of us on a tour of Singapore's Outward Bound School located in the western part of Pulau Ubin.

I've heard so many thrilling stories about psychological trauma and physical pain and suffering inflicted during this training camp, mostly from crazy friends who are still constantly flogging their bodies! Tsk tsk tsk! But I've never ever stepped foot onto its premises, so this was really a treat for me; an outing that will feed my curiosity.

Thanks to Ling Er, I've been able to explore almost every inch of OBS on foot and on Bluebones (me steed)! Even crossed paths with a giant wildboar on its mountain bike trails (which borders the new Ubin bike park which is still under construction)!

Click here for complete picturestory!

Monday, May 07, 2007


29 April marks our 10th victory over the Malaysian ladies soccer team in this year's Bench and Bar Games! Out of the 11 years that we've been playing, we have been champions in all of them, save for one game which we drew!

Yikes! That means it's been more than a decade since the few of us then netballers and soccer enthusiasts started the Law Society Ladies Soccer Team! I remember attending the Bench and Bar convenor meetings back then (as netball convenor) and proposing that we start a ladies team. The skeptics warned us that our nails might get chipped! Worst still, the large-sized Malaysian players (painted out to be monsters) will gouge out our eyes if we weren't careful! It was decided that we started out as a "non-competitive" event, and let's just see how it goes.

There's no turning back since that fateful game that we proved that we were a force to be reckon with! More often than not, being placed as one of the last few games put pressure on us to tilt the overall points in Singapore's favour! We have come a long way since the days of our not being taken seriously!

It was only last week that I've decided that the best way to preserve the fond moments was to blog it! And so, a new blog was born for our team. If you're interested in the A to Zs of the Law Society of Singapore Law Society Ladies Soccer Team, just click here! The blog is still work in progress as our team mates dig out those old team photos and match reports....so watch up for updates! There's a sister blog which houses all the uncensored match reports - unfortunately, that's a private blog, only made available to insiders! heh heh!

In case you're wondering, "Singapore Oooshh" is not the new restaurant at Dempsey road, but our battlecry before we get onto the field! Now, instead of chipped nails, I have purple toe nails! Think am losing a couple of 'em soon!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pengerang - More Photostories

Would you cycle 9 km under intense heat, just for a bowl of icilicious ice kacang? Well, to read more about Part 2 of Day 1 of our Pengerang adventures, click here.

Would you basejump over a cliff if your steed asked ya to? Click here, for immediate results of the true story behind this suicidal mission! And of course, more pigtales of the last day of our Pen"garang" weekend!