Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 MTB Hall of Famers? *pinch me, quick*

When we were first graced with the guest appearance of Tinker Juarez in last year's Bike Asia 100, that was when I first learnt about the "Mountain Bike Hall of Fame".

What exactly was this hall of fame? Was it a who's who in MTBing list? A real hall with walls filled with photos of biking celebrities? Was it a museum of some kind?

It was when we researched on our biking destination, Crested Butte in Colorado, that I found out that...

"The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum (MBHOF) is located in downtown Crested Butte at 331 Elk Avenue within the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. [This] biking museum houses items of memorabilia, including vintage bikes, components, classic photos, press clippings and highlights from historic races and events....

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Crested Butte, Colorado, was founded in 1988 to chronicle the history of mountain biking. Since the sport’s creation almost thirty years ago, mountain biking has grown immensely and the Hall of Fame has worked to document the individuals and events which have significantly contributed to mountain biking history....

As of 2007, the MBHOF has inducted 100 individuals and 4 groups who have made major contributions to mountain biking, the inductee’s photos and biographies line the walls of the museum. You can find their names listed on this web site in the inductees section."

Above, a photo I took of the glass facade entrance into the quaint little museum, tucked away in a sweet little town called Crested Butte where mountain biking was born!

Above, us checking out the walls decorated with vintage biking memorabilia, photos, posters...for more photos, click on my facebook album. And if you wana know what awesome riding we did in Crested Butte, check out some of my facebook albums...(just flip thru the albums and you'll see a couple of 'em)

Tinker Juarez was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame in 1993, and then into the MTB Hall of Fame in 2001. Last year, I had my first brush with this MTBing royalty! I attended his talk organised by ANZA in 2008, and had a great time chatting with him about almost anything under the sun (see photos)!

This year, Tinker gave another talk at SAFRA Yishun which we helped to organise. He gave us a great insight into the minds of a world class champion. He's so softspoken and humble, yet so determined and inspiring at the same time.

Above, the lucky few who attended the sharing session with Tinker. For more photos click here.

I couldn't believe my ears when Max told me that Trek was bringing in Gary Fisher as well! OMG! I remember writing a blog about Gary "Does a Bike have a Soul" back in 2005...and now, I'm meeting my bike guru in person! Unbelievable!

As evidence that Gary really was here in Singapore, click here.

As part of the publicity for the eneloop race, I was half joking when I was wrote :-

"Gary Fisher, the "Founding Father of Mountain Bikes" and another Mountainbike Hall of Famer, will be gracing our Tampines mountainbike trails for the Great Singapore Mountainbike Carnival!

Come join the legend in merry making, and chat about the future of mountainbiking over a couple of beers! Truly a lifetime opportunity not to be missed!"

Being busy with the race and all, I thought the only time I can say that I've had a decent conversation with Gary was when I showed him the way to his makeshift changing room (i.e. the container where we store the stores). I apologised that we couldn't offer him a 5 star changing room, and he was most gentlemanly about it, reassuring me that he's used to all this, given the gazillion races that he's been to.

After the prizegiving ceremony when we were having some coffee, just when I thought I'd missed my chance, Max tells me that he's still signing autographs at T3 Bicycle Gears! We all rushed down in the pouring rain and really did chat about the future of mountainbiking...over some coffee! :)

Above, the Gary Fisher magazine article which totally inspired me! 2-wheeled poetry!

"I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: The best bike is one that disappears when you ride it. I live for the moments when the bike just blots itself out, and every little element is singing the same note - me, the bike, the trail, the sky, the dirt. Yes, yes, yes.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is this: ride more.

Get on a bike. Fall off a bike.
Leave something of yourself in it.

Does a bike have a soul? Only if you do."

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