Friday, June 19, 2009

Mountain Biking NZ 2006

Mountain Bikin' NZ.....and yes, it's not a typo. It was in the year 2006!

It has taken me over 3 years to collate the albums of Ming, Broken Arm and myself, edit them and upload them onto Kodak gallery! Reason : too busy...and just plain lazy!

So, why Kiwiland?

Unparallelled beauty...

Skydiving over breathtaking Lord of the Rings scenery....

Donning of penguin suits...

Bluebones (then red-haired Firefly) rides over the Land Over the Long White Cloud...


Gettin' cozy with NZ wool...

Gettin' stuck in Korean jail located somewhere in Lord of the Rings Part 2

Did I say, this place is absolutely gorgeous?

Backdrops to die for....tho' we didn't attempt any suicidal stunts on the grade 2 trails....

The rest of the story is told through the albums below...

Album 1 : Day 1 (30 Mar 06) - Christchurch Airport to Mt Cook

Album 2 : Day 2 (31 Mar 06) - Episode 1 : Mt Cook (Aoroki / Mount Cook National Park)

Album 3 : Day 2 (31 Mar 06) - Episode 2 : Mt Cook - Omarama - Queenstown

Album 4 : Our humble abode in Queenstown for 8 days

Album 5 : Ride No 1 : Skipper's Canyon

Album 6 : Ride No 1 : Skipper Canyon (Photos and captions by Ming, editing by Merciless)

Album 7 : Ride No 2 : Deer Park Heights (photos by Merciless + Mingloid + BeefEaterYW, edited by Merciless)

Album 8 : A different kinda ride after Ride No 2 : the Luge ride! Also, checking out Vertigo trail!

Album 9 : Ride No 3 : Kelvin Peninsular Track - Frankton - Queesntown Walkway (photos by Merciless + Mingloid + BeefEaterYW, edited by Merciless)

Album 10 : Ride No 4 : Seven Mile Point - Loop 7 - IB 55 - Ooze - Home - Queenstown - Sweet Home (photos by Merciless + Mingloid + BeefEaterYW, edited by Merciless)

Album 11 : No-Ride Time : Skydiving @ Glenorchy (photos by Merciless + Mingloid, edited by Merciless)

Album 12 : Ride No 5 : Vertigo + Freestyle Mountain Bike Park (Bonus) (photos by Merciless + Mingloid + Broken Arm, edited by Merciless)

Album 13 : Ride No 6 : Otago Central Railway (photos by Merciless, edited by Merciless)

Album 14 : Ride No 7 : MTB Heaven??? (Photos by Merciless)

Album 15 : Puzzling World of Wanaka

Album 16 : Ride No 8 : Wanaka Bike Trail - Mt Aspiring (Photos by Merciless, Mingloid and Broken Arm, edited by Merciless)

Album 17 - Moke Lake - Lake Dispute - 12 Mile Delta

Album 18 - Yew Weng and gang's 12 mile delta ride

Album 19 - BERGBURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Album 20 - The Remarkables!!!!

Album 21 - Queenstown to Christchurch

Album 22 - Lake Tekapo Revisited

Album 23 - Christchurch Blur Foodie Album

Album 24 - Home Sweet Home (for all except Ling the Merciless)

Hope you had as great a journey as we had! Gonna facebook some of the best shots of this trip!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saskia's 2nd Birthday

Has it already been 2 years, my sweet?

Brought 'em doggies out to the K9 Cafe @ K9 Culture (Turf City).
All of Saskia's old friends were there :
L to R (Dog nanny extraordinare Salma, Tobes, moi, pops, Sassy, Rosco, Andrew, Janice, Sally, Jessie, Pling, Chris, Mingloig, Nik and Rusty...

Ordered an apply-flavoured cheesecake from US Doggie Bakery, located just opposite this cafe. Totally human grade, made of organic ingredients and minimal sugar - healthy!
If it's good nuff for 'em pooches, it's good nuff for that pouch!

Saskia wastes no time in diggin' in!

Saskia and Toby, you guys truly are the love of our lives!

For more photos of Saskia's birthday :-
Ling's Facebook Album
Janice's Facebook Album

Toby's Adoption Video

The video Southpark sent to us about adopting the construction doggies.

Toby, you got us at "hello"!

BTW, Toby's the frisky brownie one with the white eye shadow, greeting everyone that crosses his way.