Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sabah Adventure Challenge 2009 - Articles, Albums, Blogs


(above) Daily Express, 10th April 2009

(above) Borneo Post, 15th April 2009

More articles available here :
Daily Express



(race organiser)

Cabreney Johnny
(excellent photographer who took photos of 2 x Team Casero, his brother being in one of them)

KC (Race)
(Our navigator from last year whom we adopted after his teammates dropped out of the race due to injuries)

Ken (Pre-Race)
Ken (Day 1)
Ken (Day 2)
Ken (Day 3)
(Fellow teammate, Ken Lopez)

Ling (Part 1, Day 1 of SAC 09 Tour)
Ling (Part 2, Day 2 of SAC 09 Tour)
Ling (Part 3, Day 3 of SAC 09 Tour, Day 1 of Race)
Ling (Part 4, Day 4 of SAC 09 Tour, Day 2 of Race)
Ling (Part 5, Villagers Performance)
Ling (Part 6, Day 5 of SAC 09 Tour, Day 3 of Race)
Ling (Part 7, Last few days of SAC 09 Tour)
This is me, part of Team FliK comprising Foo, Ling and Ken (hence, FliK - I know, quite spastic how we came up with the name)
Will post post-race photos of Klias River Tours in another blog

Soon (Part 1 - Pre-Race)
Soon (Part 2 - Race)
(one of the KL mtbers racing with Adilah)

Wiwin (Many Albums)
(she's one of the only 2-woman team who came in 4th in the Adventure category)

Sabah Adventure Challenge 2009 - Jason's Videos

What a start to a new year! Ken, Foo and I teamed up for this year's 10th edition of the SAC 09. Will write more about our account, but you just gotta check out the product of fellow Singaporean team Jason Boon's Hero helmetcam....friggin' awesome stuff!