Thursday, March 06, 2008

Together, We Can Do Anything

Guess what? Me whaleshark footage is used in some of the Wildaid PSAs (or public service announcements) about shark and other wildlife conservation awareness - am so glad they are continued to be put to good use!

Click onto the WildAid website for more info : go to the videos under 'World Champions for Wildlife' Campaign and look for some of the whaleshark footages in the following short videos :-

Li Ting - Blink : 45
Zhou Jihong - Duty : 45

...still ploughing through all of them to see if there are more videos...

Here's a short write up about the PSAs....

Over 80 celebrities have donated their time to film our public service announcements (PSAs), and a network of corporate and media sponsors have continued to support us in design, production and broadcast. Our messages reach a truly global audience of up to 1 billion viewers per week.

We are grateful, and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our celebrity spokespeople, corporate and media sponsors for their time and support.