Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Makin' zzzzzz....and dreaminz of....

Wonder what Maximuzz and Saskia are dreaminz of?

Dun know about our little 4 month old sweetie, but THIS is definitely what's poppin up in Max's dreams....

BTW, we got a collar called "rogz" (note the "z" at the end)! How cool is that?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Crank 6 Results - gettin' kinda cranky!

If Mingo could come up with a heartbeat wave chart, you'd see the times when I was dead and then became a zombie again....did I say, again?.....

The flow chart evidence....more photos available here...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Short report on Crank 6 by Mingloid

Above, the top mens team coming in strong...

Below, extract from here (for memory sake)....

......We just tried to have some fun and just to keep going.

Not easy having fun from 3-5pm when you're baking in the oven while riding on sand, pushing up gravel hills and riding through mud that sticks to everything!

We can only remember the first lap and the last few... the rest in between, we were just riding with blank minds....

We stopped after lap 2 to change Ling's shoes and to platform pedals. Too much mud on the cleats, plus she was riding with a 1/2 healed sprained ankle.

Stopped once more to top up water, and the last stop was to put on lights at 5.30pm. Ling came back to life after it got cooler.

The last 4 laps were without stopping.... almost at the brink of cramping!

Riding at night was something else... even though we knew the trail well by then, it looked very different at night, and you cannot see the bottom of the steeper slopes. Scary stuff.

Actually, this torture was exactly what Ian Ng whould have loved to have seen. He played a big part in getting through to the authorities on this trail. Now that he's in the sweet Holy Trail in the sky, his team @ Basecamp/SART has carried on to organise this event.

Ian Ng, this is for you!


Monday, October 08, 2007

Super Doggy Day Photos from Janice

Max gettin' a shoulder rub from 'em big paws...

Ling gettin' weightlifting trainin' from the 7 kg furball
- still lighter than BlueBones,
but my bike doesn't struggle while being carried

(ok, Saskia doesn't struggle, but she sure is heavy,
coz she's just Saskia)....

Lick here for more of Janice's photos...

Saskia's First Pooch Gathering at Botanics

For complete wrestling match details, lick here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A New LEASH of life for Saskia

Wana know what I've been up to lately? Just lick here and dun forget to give me a treat! Wooferz!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Trashy Pictures

More photos of Crank 6...

These photos (extracted from Togoparts.com) are probably a better reflection of the type of surfaces that we rode on....soft powdery, just add water for mud, loose gravel, lallang....

And the albums...

Must add though that none of the photos in my album were taken by me. They were borrowed from the MTBRiders Website! 10Q!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Eu-Cyc-logy : Cycling Memorial in tribute to Ian Ng (aka Ah Pui)

What did we do last Saturday afternoon from 2.30 - 8.30 pm? Almost kena baked alive under the microwave for 6 hours, cycling like mice around a 4 km-per-lap rubbishdump at Lor Halus, trying me best to complete the first enduro mountain bike race to hit Singapore!

Mingloid : partner-in-crime team-mate who took revenge on me during my weak-ling moment by torturing me in my least prepared state of fitness. Tsk tsk tsk! Ok, ok, if he weren't there pushin' me, I would have checked-out after the 1st lap!

Dat's me : bad mental and physical health - characteristically bad knees, wore ankle guards for first time while recovering from bad sprained ankle, bout of food poisining, sleep deprivation from burning midnite oil in office + entertaining new puppy and scooping up pee and poop almost 24x7 - and almost forgot how to use cleats, having gotten very comfortable training with adventure racing shoes for few months before couch-potato-ankle-recovery-time! Oh, not forgettin' almost kena heat stroke from scorching, merciless sun! Wah piang eh!

How did we do? I guess Team MingLing did alright, completing 9 laps in 6 hours! Am sure could have done more laps if I had been fitter or trained for it, but not much help since champion was unbeatable naval diver Esther + pardner who lapped us twice!

Why stupidly suffer so much? Well, in a nutshell, it was to give Ian the satisfaction in looking down on us with an evil grin (with his hand on the microwave "high heat" knob) while we suffer away and saying to himself, "Haha! Tekan by me....once again!" :P

Thanks to Ian for his vision of multi-hour torture...and kudos to the SART fellas, Basecamp and the other organisers who made this happen! And thanks for the photographer from the mtb website who took these photos! :) More photos of the recce trip these fellas went on before the race.

More photos coming right up.

Oh, and not forgettin' my personal bike mechanic and pompomboy, Maximuzzi and my furball sweetie, Saskia, who kept me pedalling.....pedalling....and pedalling....

By the way, I was wearing the innov-8 shoes which Ian semi-sponsored....it's still my favourite racing shoe!