Tuesday, April 25, 2006

MTBing New Zealand - The Ultimate Mingo Video

The result of many sleepless nights, learning the ways of the Editing Jedi by young padawan, Mingloid!

More info on the rides - akan datang!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Movealong with Mr M&M

The endearing charm of Singapore bikers' mascot at the Penang Jamboree!!! Oh, my achey breaky heart! :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bend it like a Banana...9000 feet above ground!

Mingloid started a blog, that started the whole world flying.

So, what possessed Ming (man in blue below) to join the blog-side? Could it have been the death-defying stunt he pulled recently in the video, skydiving from 9000 feet over Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand over Lord of the Rings territory? And living to tell about it? I wonder.....hmmm....

Oh, and by the way, check out Ming's other journals on his blog. There's one of me downhilling....ok, I know it looks easey peasey, but the camera angle is all wrong! :P

In case you're wondering about the phallic title reference....before you jump from the plane, you gotta do the wonder twin power magic chant with your tandem jumpmaster and activate : turn me into a banana : head pulled up, legs bent back and arms out!

Oh, did I also mention that I was one of the victims of the bent banana syndrome? Friggin awesome! Can we do 12,000 feet next time? Pretty please?

Me photologue of our skydiving and other adventures coming up soon....akan datang!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Over the Boardwalk...

With me Sony on me hand, "Giddiyap, Firefly! Take me across the boardwalk!"
Moke Lake, Queenstown, NZ

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eco-X-Capade 17 April 2005, Gopeng Perak (Part 1)

A year minus 2 days ago, Team Angels embarked on yet another girly adventure race - this time to Gopeng, Perak! Check out the picture story prepared by WonderRina....the next race is scheduled for 18 June... after our NZ trip, we've been coined the "steriod sisters"....between the lesser of the 2 evils, think I'll stick to the "Angels" tag (hee hee)....

cont'd below...coz the picture files are too big le...

Eco-X-Capade 17 April 2005, Gopeng Perak (Part 2)

cont'd from above....spookey...

Many thanks to our Bossley, Chi, for being a really supportive unseen member of the Angels' team! We almost had to camp overnight at the race site after the race coz his car keys somehow found its way to the boot....but miraculously appeared again! Big "phew"!

Ming's succinct description of this race : "There was quite a bit of non-runnable terrain (except for Malaysians), unrideable uphills and a 1 1/2 hour floaty log down the river. The ropework was higher and more scary (more fun!) than anything else we've ever done! Very fun race!" Makes for very nice photos too!

I give Ming a big nod for that summary. The nightmare started when we entered the act-like-a-log-and-float-bit-down-the-river bit which seemed like a neverending flush down an extremely slowmoving toilet bowl. I remembered trying to stay afloat as long as I could and using me arms to pull myself along, sometimes doing a little horizontal rockdiggin. U can't imagine how silly that seemed when the person next to you stands up on feet-deep water and starts to walk past ya! :P