Friday, July 20, 2007

Pan Pacific Chase Results

2 familiar teams just making it to the top 10 positions. Think we were 3rd and 4th for mixed categories as well.

Read more about Ming's Philosophy on how to consistently come in top 3 position in races, without really even trying! haha!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CityChase - Team WTF Reporting Soon

I know, I know. I haven't finished reports since yestercentury...all the backlog...yikes! But I WILL do it once my work and multitude of activities cuts me some slack!

Team WTF was told we'd come in 2nd for the overall Mixed Team (we didn't know there were categories)...but twas not the end point, but the journey which made it a really fun day!

CityChase - Team Slackers Reports

Airani reporting on behalf of Team Slackers

We registered. Got our t-shirts, which is this really nice bright lime green dri-fit (yay!). THen we went over to get our teddy banks. (We're supposed to raise funds, min $50, for the Assisi Hospice along the way)

Then we went to the painting corner to paint our teddy banks. My team mate, Swee Heng, painted ours an Indian chief, with our bib number 1081 on the front and our team name 'slackers' on the back. Ling painted hers nice panda colours, I guess from the panda joke earlier I told her last weekend.

Then the organiser gave some clues, which is really hard to catch cos he was speaking double quick time! And the countdown started. We all shouted together and when we were flagged off, everyone ran like headless chickens cos we have no idea where to get the clue sheets! haha! Turned out the clue sheets people were outside by the road. haiya!

OK, then strategy time. We have no specific strategy so we did what we thought was the easiest.

1. Bussorah street behind the Sultan Mosque - wear sarong and play chap teh. This one quite easy lah. Both of us did quite fast.

2. Then we ran to Little India (thanks to Min Yee for confirming where Jothi's flowers is located). There, swee heng had to convince stranger to paint henna on her and she on the stranger. Apparently her stranger ran away but the organisers were kind enough to let it go. I had to string a garland of jasmine flowers. The demo was so easy but when I did it, I kept decapitating the flowers! Anyway, I finally got the hang of it, strung 12 sets of flowers and off we go to the next stop

3. OUB building (again thanks, to Min Yee for getting the info from the 5th Jul ST Prime page 3) - We played Sudoku. There were clues to shops where we could locate numbers to fill up the blanks but it was taking too much time. Luckily both Swee Heng and I had played it before, so we finished it in no time.

We had wanted to look for the stella artois stop. I was fixated on the 'gold standard dealers' that I misread the clue. We spent some time looking for the place. Swee Heng suggested it could be at Clarke Quay, so we gave up for the moment looking for this place and...

4. Went to China Town Pagoda Street. had to find some museum. We walked past it! Luckily, we asked a shopkeeper just a couple of shops down and she was really helpful. "See the red banner, it's just there!' So we got to the museum, then we were given a picture of some edge of roof. Must find the place. Aiyoh, so difficult. So we asked the guy sitting outside the museum. This guy was trying to be funny. 'Err.. it won't be fair if I helped you.." stupid guy. But luckily the marshall convinced him that it was ok for him to help us, so he told us.

Swee Heng got us to the temple. We had to ride a trishaw while distributing brochures of the temple! Swee Heng can't cycle. So when they did toss up of the coin and SH had to do it, we acted blur 'huh that one tail meh?' and we got our desired result. heh heh

The giving out of pamphlets was easy. SH was persuasive enough. Maneuvering the trishaw was quite tough. It kept wanting to go to one side. I crashed, I think a couple of time. haha! SH was rocking forward and back to make the trishaw go faster. We managed to do it quite fast. Yay!

5. Went to Clarke Quay. had to touch 5 water points of the fountain. Then carry the stella artois barrel to the 1 night stand club down the street. There was a queue, so I took the chance to raise funds for the assissi hospice. Raised $12. Alamak, still short of $38. There, one of us had to pour a glass of stella artois according to the 9 special steps and then recite a chinese poem! The other one had to convince a stranger to drink the glass of beer. If you can't recite the poem or convince a stranger, then you had to drink the beer. Luckily SH could read chinese and I convinced an old Australian tourist to drink (thanks to his wife for helping me to persuade him)! Phew

6. Went to Faber House. Submitted our teddy banks. We both donated $20 each to make it at least $50. Well, it was for a good cause. (Siva asked me why I never donated more. I should have, haiya,... I guess I blame it on the heat of the race, never think lor! heh heh)

7. Went to the STB booth next to Faber house. One of us had to sieve through worms to get a pair of mahjong tiles. The other had to eat either a chilli or a worm. SH ate the chilli. The worms were really smelly!

8. Went to Vigilante Drive. Walked up the stupid hill. Panting and cursing all the way. Then had to cycle at the patch next to Carpak A.

9. Went up to Carpark B. Climbed the tree using ropes. Quite fun but super super tiring. I was cramping left right and centre. Luckily they had deep heat! I should have made SH do it. See lah, again never think!

10. Complimentary point for completing 8 and 9.

Then we headed back to Pan Pacific, 20 minutes before the closing time, thanks to SH for egging me to run from the MRT station to the finish line. Yay!!!! Tired and super super smelly. Was hungry but couldn't wolf donw more than one small serving. But had lots and lots of fruits cos was feeling super dehydrated.

Went home. Bathed. Slept. Next day, woke up, aching all over!!!

Nonetheless, it was so so so much fun! Must do it again next year, only this time, we must do all the expensive and super-fun activities, rather than try to finish the race first. haha!

Check out Airani's Album of CityChase

My Canon camera went MIA at the Pagoda Street Checkpoint! Sigh!!!! Had great photos in there! If anyone picks up a camera with odd-lookin' photos, would be great to have a reunion of camera and its owner....just email me : Mucho gracias!

CityChase - ChiBecca Reports

Chi reporting on behalf of Team ChiBecca - CityChase 14 July 2007

[L to R : Swee Heng, Airani, Ming, Ling, George, Caroline, and Chi. Becca of Team ChiBecca has to run off for Dim Sum Dollies performance after the race. Explains why she ain't in above photo.]

Ok, for those Junkies who want to know how we did, there were 8 of us registered under the DIRT banner forming 4 teams - Ling+Ming, Chi+Becks, Airani+Swee Heng, George Sim+Caroline.

Plastic teddy bears were given out and teams were asked to decorate them in whatever way possible. Somehow, my Osama Talibear didn't quite look as good as the others and probably wasn't very kosher either.

[L to R : Osama Talibear (adopters : ChiBecca), PandaBear (adopters : Ming + Ling aka Team WTF) and Bear 1081 (adopters : Swee Heng + Airani aka Team Slackers)]

These bears were used as bait to trap unsuspecting bystanders into contributing funds for the Assisi Hospice. $50 or more gets you one Chasepoint. Plus, it was for a good deed too.

Participants have to run, walk, or take public transport (MRT and BUS only) to various checkpoints around Singapore and complete tasks to get Chasepoints. There were 15 points up for grabs of which a team only had to collect 10 within the allotted time of 6 hours.

Since every team took a different route, our route was:

Kent Ridge Park - 2 events (trail run & biking, jumar) - 2 points + 1 bonus point
Crawford Street (Kallang Basin) - Two team co-operative kayak and portage - 1 point
Bussorah Street Mosque - Chaptek in a sarong (damn siong man) - 1 point
Little India (Jothi's flowers) - Henna painting and flower garland weaving - 1 point
Faber House (Sporting Spectrum office) - Donate teddy bear with $50 - 1 point
Faber House - Finding mahjong tiles inside maggot/worm aquarium, eat chilli - 1 point
UOB Plaza - 5 storey run + Soduku puzzle (we suck at this) - 1 point
Clarke Quay - Stella beer keg carry, 9 step beer pouring, beer drinking, keg return - 1 point

Our team took the bus twice (Kent Ridge) and the MRT three times for distant checkpoints. We ended up running at Science Park/Kent Ridge/Vigilante Drive, from Crawford St to Bussorah St to Little India. Then running again from UOB to Clarke Quay and back to Pan Pacific for the finish.

We finished in under 5 hours with Ling and Ming ahead of us by a minute or so. Airani's and George's teams came in a little later.

Needless to say, my favourite checkpoint was the last one - I think after running and getting dehydrated, the Stella beer went down in less than 3 seconds. Problem was that Beck's then decided that we should run to Pan Pac for the finish, ignoring all my pleas to take public transport. That was when the beer nearly all came out again. I was burping and trying my best not to puke while keeping up with her.

At the finish point in a Pan Pac ballroom, I was desperately looking for 100plus to stave off the cramps that were hitting me. All that was provided for nutrition and hydration, were Red Bull, a full buffet spread, soft drinks, and Stella beer on tap. I have never seen so little beer drunk at an event before. Only when the participants had cooled down and stopped cramping up, did the flow of beer increase.

Final results are not out yet but we had loads of fun.

Thanks to Janice and Derrick Tan for help with the internet over the phone to solve several clues. And to Hui Min at Kent Ridge station where it was really nice to see a friendly face.

I wish more peeps entered the race as it would have served as a nice intro to urban racing. There were other checkpoints that had events such as abseiling, rock climbing, cable skiing, riding trishaws, etc.

Next year for sure.


CityChase News Flash

The World’s Largest Urban Adventure Series Hits Singapore
14th July 2007, Singapore
Extracted from

Asia’s inaugural City Chase kicked off in Singapore at 1pm today, as participants in the Pan Pacific Singapore City Chase raced across the island in a bid to be the winning team across the finishing line.

A total of 142 teams participated in the event, making this the biggest first City Chase race in any country since its inception.

Nick Jelinek, the founder of City Chase, feels that Singapore is the ideal location to hold Asia’s first ever City Chase. “As a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city, Singapore is a perfect example of what City Chase hopes to represent and exemplify,” he commented.

Participants had to travel on foot, use the bus or MRT to get to various ChasePoints around the island where they face challenges that tested their Mind, Body and Spirit. Few lucky participants also managed to hitch a ride in the Fast Forward vehicles provided by Avis, Asia’s leading car rental brand, if they got to a Fast Forward point at the right time.

Some ChasePoint activities such as tying a sarong and kicking a capteh in Arab Street, making a traditional Indian garland in Little India reflected Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage. Other ChasePoints such as abseiling, negotiating a mountain biking trail in Kent Ridge, tested participants’ physical and mental abilities. Some participants even braved digging in a container of worms to find matching mahjong tiles rather than choosing to move on to another ChasePoint. Participants need only complete 10 of the 12 ChasePoints on their clue sheet.

Traditionally, each race has a charity element. Participants in the Pan Pacific Singapore City Chase were given a Teddy Bank from the Assisi Hospice at the flag off point and were encouraged to get members of the public to make token donations along the way. All proceeds went towards the Assisi Hospice’s Integrated Palliative Care Program for adults and children suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

This broad spectrum of activities is but one of the characteristics that sets the City Chase apart from other adventure races. Said Chris Robb, Managing Director of event organisers Sporting Spectrum, “We wanted to bring in an adventure race that Singaporeans would be intrigued by – not an easy task considering that most of us have it all. The City Chase has an international reputation of being a day of intense and exhilarating excitement that tests the boundaries of each of its participants, which makes it ideal for city dwellers such as us.”

According to Michael Schmitt, Director of Marketing at Pan Pacific Singapore, “Being the title sponsor of the inaugural City Chase conducted in Asia has truly been an honour and an experience. As a corporate organisation engaging with the community, this is one of our most significant sports sponsorship projects and based on the exploratory nature of the race, is particularly meaningful as a hospitality industry player.”

To capture the spirit and excitement of the World’s largest urban adventure series, Nat Geo Adventure will be filming parts of the race to be included in 4 one-hour TV programmes that will be televised worldwide after the World Championships in September.

The winners of Asia’s and Singapore’s first ever City Chase made it to the finishing line in 4 hours and 4 minutes. “We found the race very challenging but we had great help from friends. Finding locations was the hardest part. We used the MRT most of the time and our strategy was to go to the furthest ChasePoint first which was Kent Ridge, then make our way back” said one half Gaelic TaiGers, Taissa Matla. The Gaelic TaiGers are the first mixed team ever to make it to the World Championships.

Celebrity team Cynful Angels comprising Angel Teo and Cynthia Macquarrie came in 22nd position, ahead of other celebrity teams. “I never knew I could run so fast. If we hadn’t tagged team with the Aces (Liam Collins and Chris Whiting), we wouldn’t have been as motivated. The four of us stuck together all the way”, said Angel Teo. The vivacious pair came in 22nd overall.

After a day of unusual challenges and adrenaline-fueled activities, participants wound down to food and beer courtesy of title sponsor Pan Pacific Singapore and official premium beer Stella Artois, . “There’s no better way to end a day like this, than with an ice cold beer!” laughed Angel Teo, Gold90FM’s DJ.

Father and son team Gopala Krishnan and Ashwin Krishnan had tougher challenges to face as compared to the other teams, due to Ashwin’s autism. “I grossly underestimated my son today. He really pulled his weight when it counted. We enjoyed the race and made some friends along the way, especially while we were in the fast forward car,” said Mr Gopala Krishnan. They completed 8 out of the required 10 ChasePoints.

The winning team is off to Rome in to compete in the World Championships where from September 27 – 30, teams from Sydney, Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chicago and Canada will take part in an adventure of a lifetime.